Carol Wilson

Carol Wilson was born in Stamford, CT. She holds a Doctorate in Theology. Carol is married with ten children and many other extended children. Carol served as a foster mother for years and have adopted several children. “Children are such a joy, they can sometimes make you cry but over all they bring so much happiness to your life”. Carol was raised in a large family with lots of love and happiness. She wanted to make sure that her family would have that same kind of family life style.

Carol loves to sing, dance and write theatrical dramas. She took ballet and jazz lessons for years. At the tender age of eight, Carol began her modeling career. Both her mother and my aunt were Fashion Designers. Carol has modeled in the states of NY, MO, CT, MA, DC and so many other locations. At some point in her life Carol had the opportunity to model for Ebony Fashion Fair Show where Audrey Smalls was the commentator at that time. But unfortunately her parents were too afraid to let her travel to Paris. The distance was out of the question.

Carol also graduated from Barbizon Modeling School in Stamford, CT. She always loves fashion, makeup and interior decorating. She also aspired to be a real estate agent and now she has completed that goal in life. She has a real knack for finding great deals in real estate. Her favorite slogan is “Your dreams are important to me, TOGETHER we can make your dreams be a reality! Contact Carol Wilson at: 860-417-7836 or email her at: